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Our Products

With over 25 years specialising in all weld mesh products, and with a combined experience of over 40 years we are able to provide excellent customer service. Our products range from welded and woven mesh, to others such as expanded metal and perforated plate. As a company we offer free delivery within a 40 mile radius, as well as a guaranteed next working day delivery on standard stock, as well as an immediate turnaround for all enquiries.

For a comprehensive guide to all of our products please follow the link to each of the products' full pages, for a more detailed overview. If you require any more information please feel free to contact us either through the website, emailing, or calling our sales team on 01642 370777. 

Wlded Mesh Anchor

Welded Mesh has a large range of applications throughout industry as well as domestic use. Common uses including partitions, enclosures, machinery and window guards, as well as storage solutions for things like shelving and racking. Weldmesh is a sturdy and easy to use product, available in a wide range of aperture sizes and wire diameters.  Available in several standard panel sizes off the shelf in mild steel, galvanised and stainless steel.

Weldmesh has a large range of applications throughout industry as well as home use, common uses including partitions, enclosures, machinery and window guards, as well as storage solutions such as shelving and racking. The lighter mesh is used in a number of animal related scenarios, being used to prevent rodents accessing an area, as well as to make chicken coups and aviaries. Weldmesh is a sturdy and easy to use product, available in a wide range of square sizes, wire diameters and panel/roll sizes.

At Mesh Supplies we are continually expanding our product range to better provide for our customers. As a part of this initiative we now offer a range of new building products in addition to our Masonry Reinforcement (which is manufactured here at Mesh Supplies). We now offer a full range of Wall Ties, Reinforcing Coil Mesh, Concrete Reinforcement, Spacers, in a variety of materials and sizes.

Expanded Metal Anchor

Expanded metal is an extremely versatile product, allowing for a range of uses. The mesh is made from a single piece of metal and due to the processes used the sheet of metal actually gains strength once expanded, making a stronger end product. The metal is manipulated by stretching or slitting the sheet to create the holes, rather than punching them out (as is the case with perforated sheets), this provides clear benefits in regards to cost, as well as strength and efficiency of the product.

Perforated Plate Anchor

Perforated plates have a large range of uses, including filtration, ventilation and anti-skid flooring. The plates provide a more decorative finish, and come in a wide range allowing for a number of uses. The types of perforation itself include ‘Round Hole Perforation’, ‘Square hole Perforation’, ‘Slot hole Perforation’, and ‘Hexagonal Perforation’.

A popular and cost effective product, wire netting has many uses including chicken wire, rabbit runs and general garden and agricultural fencing. There are a wide range of options available; a pre-galvanised wire, a standard galvanised wire, a hot dipped option, and a PVC coated version of the wire netting. The combination of various types of netting each with a large number of wire diameters available, varying in thickness, roll height, and length, means the netting can be suited to many purposes.

At Mesh Supplies we offer a range of framing options, including Round Bar frames, Box Section, and 'U-Section'. Each type has a number of benefits, delivers a different aesthetic, and comes in a number of materials, allowing for a wide range of suitability. We offer the lengths of round bar, box section, and U-Section either separately or we can also frame most panels for you, ensuring the panels are ready for use upon delivery.


Chainlink is a type of mesh which is suitable for both garden and security fencing, and commonly seen surrounding areas such as tennis courts. It provides a secure, and stable partition, and an extremely effective and sturdy product. The chainlink is able to be fixed in place on to timber, metal and concrete fence posts.


Gabion basket assemblies from Mesh Supplies & Fabrications are manufactured from  heavy duty anti corrosive welded mesh panels joined together with helical spirals which come in a "flat pack" form ready for easy site assembly. Primary uses include soil retention,  erosion control and flood control; and landscape and architectural applications.

At Mesh Supplies & Fabrications we can offer a full steel fabrication service.  We can manufacture anything from machine guards, baskets, stairway infil panels all in various finishes from galvanised to powder coated.

At Mesh Supplies & Fabrications Ltd we can offer a wide range of security fencing products. From welded mesh rolls to full fencing panel systems covering a wide range of applications including residential, securing factories, perimeter fencing for sports enclosures and high security areas.

Take the hassle out of the job by letting us custom cut your mesh panels to specific sizes.  Give our sales team a call with your requirements.

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