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Framing and U-Section

At Mesh Supplies we offer a range of framing options, including Round Bar frames, Box Section, and 'U-Section'. Each type has a number of benefits, delivers a different aesthetic, and comes in a number of materials, allowing for a wide range of suitability. We offer the lengths of round bar, box section, and U-Section either separately or we can also frame most panels for you, ensuring the panels are ready for use upon delivery.

The below table details the size, thickness, gap, wight and stock size of the most common U-Sections, for more information on framing options (including prices and availability), or any of our other products call us p01642 370 777, or email us at



As well as coming in various standard sizes, there are a wide range of options available, to make sure the mesh is suitable for its intended use upon delivery please don't hesitate to contact us regarding pricing and availability of both full rolls, as well as cut-to-size panels on 01642 370 777, or email us at

Mesh Supplies

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