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Welded Mesh Panels

Welded mesh panels have a large range of applications throughout industry as well as home use, common uses including partitions, enclosures, machinery and window guards, as well as storage solutions such as shelving and racking. The heavier meshes are usually used in these ways due to them being a sturdy and easy to use product, available in a wide range of aperture sizes, wire diameters and panel sizes. The majority of our standard panels are available in wire diameters ranging from 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm and 4.7mm.  Our sales team will be happy to advise the most suitable option for your needs.


A key benefit of coming to Mesh Supplies is our ability to cut most mesh to specific sizes, cutting the required sections from either rolls or sheets; we are able to provide a range

of custom panels to suit your needs, making our products extremely cost effective, as well as ready for their intended purpose upon delivery.


For more information on the various types of weldmesh, availability and guides on the uses of the heavier and lighter mesh, please don't hesitate to get in touch on 01642 370 777 or email

Please note in tables below :

SC = Self Colour Mild Steel

HDG = Hot Dip Galvanised


12 Gauge:

12 Gauge equates to a 2.5mm Diameter wire, and is the thinnest wire available on standard manufactured panels. Although thin the 12 Gauge is still a strong sheet, and able to be used in a variety of scenarios.


10 Gauge:

10 gauge equates to a 3.0mm Diameter wire and is the most common thickness of standard panels and is used in a wide range of applications.




6' x 3'

1.83m x 0.9m

6' x 3'

1.83m x 0.9m

8 Gauge:

8 gauge equates to a 4.0mm Diameter wire, and as it is slightly thicker than the standard 3.0mm is more applicable in scenarios that requires a stronger and sturdier sheet.


6 Gauge:

6 gauge equates to a 4.7mm Diameter wire, and is the heaviest wire standard panels come in.



As well as coming in various standard sizes, we are able to cut most meshes to your exact requirements, making sure the mesh is suitable for its intended use upon delivery, for more information regarding pricing and availability of both full rolls, as well as cut-to-size panels, please don't hesitate to contact us on either 01642 370 777, or email us at

Mesh Supplies

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