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Welded Mesh Rolls

A sturdy and easy to use product, varying in roll height and length, the lighter mesh is ideal for a number of projects; often being used to prevent rodents accessing an area, as well as to make chicken coups and aviaries.  Coming primarily on rolls, and ranging from 14 Gauge (2.0mm) to 22 Gauge (0.71 mm), with much smaller sized squares than the heavier mesh; such as ¼” x ¼” (6.25mm x 6.25 mm), ½” x ½” (13mm x 13mm) and 1” x 1” (25mm x 25mm). The light weld mesh is an easy to use product suitable for both D.I.Y and industrial use, available with both square and rectangular holes of varying sizes and several different gauges and lengths to suit all needs and is available in Galvanised, PVC, and Stainless Steel options.


Additionally there is both the 'PVC Coated' and 'Security Mesh', both of which have much larger wire diameters (ranging from 2.5mm to 3.5mm), and thus provide a stronger more sturdy mesh.

A key benefit of coming to Mesh Supplies is our ability to cut most mesh to specific sizes, cutting the required sections from either rolls or sheets; we are able to provide a range of custom panels to suit your needs, making our products extremely cost effective, as well as ready for their intended purpose upon delivery.


For More Information on the various types of weldmesh, availability, and guides on the uses of the heavier and lighter mesh, please refer to our Product Catalogue, available for download on the 'Products' page.



Chinese Welded Mesh Rolls:

The Chinese Weld Mesh is a cheaper option, great for DIY sector; the mesh itself is not up to the full quality of the more expensive European mesh and uses a galvanising process performed after the welding of the wires, in all a great product for pets, and home use. Find all available Chinese Welded Mesh Rolls in the following tables, arranged in 'Mesh Size', 'Wire Thickness', 'Roll Height' and finally 'Roll Length'.

European 'Prime' Welded Mesh Rolls:

Similar to the Chinese Weld Mesh, but manufactured in Europe, the squares are created with pre galvanised wires. The mesh is made to fit in with the full UNI – EU standards. Often used in building, breeding, and agricultural sectors. Find all available European 'Prime' Welded Rolls in the following tables, arranged in 'Mesh Size', 'Wire Thickness', 'Roll Height' and finally 'Roll Length'.


European 'Super Prime' Rolls:

The best quality mesh, the ‘Super Prime’, uses a double galvanising method in which the wires are galvanised before and after welding. This results in a thicker layer and thus wire and provides a much stronger and sturdier product. Similarly to the European Prime, this mesh is constructed to the UNI- EU standards, and is suitable for a wide range of purposes. Find all available European 'Super Prime' Welded Rolls in the following tables, arranged in 'Mesh Size', 'Wire Thickenss', 'Roll Height' and finally 'Roll Length':


PVC Coated Rolls:

With a galvanised core, which is then coated in the plastic coating, the PVC weldmesh comes in either a square or rectangular mesh. Manufactures in Europe, the steel wire is galvanised and the coated in a ‘primer’ which ensures the PVC coats the wire perfectly. The mesh is made to fulfill the UNI – EN standards and is ideal for cages and containers, as well as a wide range of domestic and professional uses.

*there is also additional PVC Coated rolls in the 'Security Mesh' Section.


‘Security Mesh’ Rolls:

Available in square and rectangular mesh, the security fencing is a stronger product with a thicker wire diameter than the lighter rolls. Available in both a pre galvanised wire (galvanised before being welded together) and a PVC coated option. Due to the wide range of roll heights and lengths, the security mesh is ideal for a wide range of uses, suitable for domestic, industrial, gardens, and sports facilities.


As well as coming in various standard sizes, we are able to cut most meshes to your exact requirements, making sure the mesh is suitable for its intended use upon delivery, for more information regarding pricing and availablity of both full rolls, as well as cut-to-size panels, please don't hesitate to contact us on eihter 01642 370 777, or email us at

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