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Product Profile: Expanded Metal

Available in a wide variety of sizes, designs, materials, and either flattened or raised Expanded Metal is one of the most diverse and durable of our product range. In addition to the variety available Expanded Metal Meshes often offer a significant amount of benefits over other products, including a considerable cost saving compared to other panels.

The reduction in cost comes from the production process itself, which results in a total lack of waste, and therefore a reduction in potential cost. The process involves cutting and stretching the original metal sheet, but without ever fully separating any strands or wires. This means the end product is always one fully connected piece and thus retains its strength and durability (especially compared to a traditional welded mesh). Another benefit of the sheet still being one continuous piece is the added conduction abilities; heat, electricity, and magnetic flux all flow perfectly through several Expanded Metals. Specific panels even come with added corrosion resistance, ensuring the product will last longer. As Expanded Metal is such a diverse product, it’s the perfect solution for a wide range of uses, including things such as filtration, storage, walkways, architecture, and even screening.

Expanded Metal proves the ideal product for Walkways and ramps (and even has a full sub-section dedicated to it). Available in a range of materials such as Mild Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel, the specifically designed Walkway Expanded Metal boasts bigger openings, thicknesses and sheet sizes than the more commonly used panels. The Walkway meshes also have added anti-slip and load-bearing properties.

Comparatively Expanded Metal also proves the perfect product for filtration, with the finer meshes (that have holes sizes as small as 0.67mm) coming in rolls, sheets or even cut pieces. There are also a number of ‘special shapes’ Expanded Metal’s that offer openings in a variety of custom shapes including squares and hexagons.

With the number of benefits Expanded Metal provides over other possible products, including an often reduced cost, strength, and conducting abilities, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular product. Here at Mesh Supplies, we offer a full and varied range of the product and for any more information on types of Expanded Metal, pricing, or product suitability, please get in touch via, or call us on 01642 370 777.

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