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In addition to our wide range of welded mesh, expanded metal and perforated plate we also offer a number of Woven Meshes. Ideal for use in situations that require smaller holes than more traditional Welded Mesh, Woven Mesh is perfect for things such as Filtration and Screening.

Due to the weaving process Woven mesh can have hole sizes that measure down to microns, in a variety of materials but mainly Mild Steel and Stainless Steel. There are a number of woven meshes available from stock. This comes in panels and rolls of various heights and lengths, but special sizes and specifications can also be manufactured for custom orders.

As well as Woven Mesh we also offer a range of welded mesh panels and rolls, each of which come in a variety of sizes and specifications, making sure the mesh is suitable for its intended use upon delivery, for more information regarding pricing and availability please don't hesitate to contact us on either 01642 370 777, or email us at


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