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Case Study - Gillhams Gravel Rakes

With gravel being one of the more popular finishes for driveways and outdoor areas across the UK, people are always on the lookout for ways to ensure that their gravelled areas are tidy, and look as good as possible. Unfortunately, the upkeep of gravel isn't the simplest or quickest of tasks traditionally, often taking up a lot of time to properly rake, kill weeds, and remove moss. The Gillhams Gravel Rake, however, simplifies and refines the entire process, making what was once somewhat of a tedious and time-consuming task into a quick and simple one.

The Gillhams Gravel Rake

The rakes are available in two sizes, 1 and 1.5 meters wide. The smaller, 1m, rake is aimed toward paths and smaller gravelled sections, whereas the 1.5m (which also has a little more weight to it) is better suited to larger areas and of course driveways. Each of the rakes is hand finished, with the components sourced in the U.K. Here at Mesh Supplies and Fabrications Ltd, we do everything we can for our customers cut to size and fabrication needs, and we are thrilled to be able to supply the mesh for the Gillhams Gravel Rakes.

The Gillhams Gravel Rake - Peter Burrell

Peter Burrell of Gillhams Gravel Rakes said "When we confronted the problem of trying to design a robust tool that would effectively do the job of tidying gravel drives we realised that customers would want to save time and enjoy an effective finish. We experimented with a variety of options and in the end, and whilst I would like to take credit for everything (!), the only company who could supply the strength of steel combined with the unique shape were Mesh Supplies. They have looked after us from the beginning and will until the end."

For any of your gravel rake needs get in touch with Gillhams Gravel Rake (via their website, or call on 07960975123), and for any of your own fabrication or mesh requirements call Mesh Supplies and Fabrications Ltd on 01642 370 777.

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