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Masonry Reinforcement

MSF Masonry Reinforcement, also known as Brickspan, and Bed Joint Reinforcement is primarily used to strengthen walls, Stainless Steel can be used on both inner and external bricks/blocks whereas galvanised is more suited to internal walls. Our Masonry Reinforcement aids to reduce  cracking within walls and structures, as well as providing general support.


The Reinforcement comes at a standard length of 2.7 metres, and is available in a range of wire diameters making the products versatile, and able to fit any combination of brick or block width. (Please see the table below for recommended wall/reinforcement compatibility).

The materials used in our Masonry Reinforcement are either Stainless Steel (Grade 304), or Galvanised Steel, each suiting a wide range of purposes.

There are a wide range of wire diameters available in both Stainless and Galvanised, including 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm and 5.0mm (or equivalent after being flattened, both 4.0mm and 5.0mm in stainless are manufactured using a flattened wire).

Product Code:

Material Reference: SBS (Stainless) or GBS (Galvanised).

Wire Diameter: 30 (for 3.0mm), 40 (for 4.0mm)etc. 

Cross Wire Width: W60 (for 60mm), W100 (for 100mm) etc.

Length: 2700



Galvanised Brickspan, with a 3.0mm Wire and 60mm Width: GBS30W602700

Stainless Steel Brickspan, with a 4.00mm (Flattened) Wire and 100mm Width: SBS40FW100

Product Compatibility:





102mm Brick

100mm or 125mm Blockwork 

140mm or 150mm Blockwork

190mm or 200mm Blockwork




215mm Blockwork


CE Marking:

This product is supplied with a CE marking to demonstrate compliance with BS EN 845: Part 3.


Usually packed and shipped in packs of either 40 lengths, or 20 lengths (depending on the weight and size of the reinforcement), however orders are not tied to these figures, and any amount can be ordered; for any more information on sizes, product usage, or availability please call us on 01642 370 777, or for any general enquiries please email

In addition to the stock sizes above we are able to manufacture widths to suit any block or brick sizes. We can also manufacture to order special shapes including 'T' sections and corner pieces. For more information regarding pricing and availability please don't hesitate to contact us on either 01642 370 777, or email us at


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