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Expanded Coil Reinforcement


As well as 2.7m lengths of MSF Masonry Reinforcement, we can provide an Expanded Coil Mesh as an alternative type of brick reinforcement.


Available in both Stainless Steel and Pre-Galvanised Expanded Coil Reinforcement Our aids to reduce cracking within walls and structures, particularly around doorways and windows. It can also help with keying smooth surfaces.


The coils come at a length of 20m's and in widths of 63mm, 100mm, and 175mm in Pre-Galvanised and in 63mm or 100mm in Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel can be used on both inner and external bricks/blocks whereas galvanised is more suited to internal walls.

The coils are made from a raised expanded metal which provides added grip. As the mesh is made from a single piece of metal the coil makes for a cohesive and continuous product without any welds or gaps.


For the full range of Building Products available at Mesh Supplies and Fabrications Ltd, see the Building Products Page HERE. For more information regarding pricing and availability please don't hesitate to contact us 01642 370 777, submit a message through the contact page, or email us at

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